Tuesday, August 4, 2009

argie the greek

He was a tanker captain with the breath of a rotten corpse.
I considered pulling the dead tooth, for what else could produce such a vile and consistently fowl odor
Above all Argie was Greek.
He was friendly
He was loud
And all to happy to fill me in on whatever crossed his mind
Judging by the Greek's surrounding me and my new friend argie ( short for some Greek name straight out of my middle school mythology book )
, I'd better get used to people
Crashing through my personal space barrier and talking so close it almost ends in a kiss
According to argie, his wife was angry that he missed the birth of their child while out at sea. Apparently to pay for the lifestyle she demanded was hard work. Argie found his wife's attitude bewildering and explained " only an American women would act this way - spoiled "
Seat 18B, 11 hours to Greece.
The land of Odysseus is waiting.
my imagination is stabbing the eye of the cyclops. Between peanuts I'm wondering how Odysseus had the balls to sail the sea when Poseidon was furious at him for blinding his son ? Would Gordon Gecko's
Son open a competing firm on wall street? Damn right he wouldn't because As products of these modern times we are mentally soft as marshmallow's.
Hat would the men of classic Greece say about the modern man ?
Argie captains one of those huge tankers that run into bridges and spill oil or perhaps traffic humans in shipping containers......the photo on his phone proves the size of his boat. " I think he may be compensating "
After many sweeping and negative comments about Filipinos, I sort out that he runs a band of 25 cut throats made up of mostly " those people ".
Its at this point against my better judgment, I decide to share my food with this mad man. As his stubby hands tear into my snacks I realize I'm breaking bread with a Greek slave runner
Who, judging by his breath, ate the cargo that didn't survive his last voyage.
I scan the man closely for an off button but to no avail.
I have 7 more hours in the air And I'm afraid the air marshal is gonna take this lunatic down.
Like a lightning strike hits me, you never know when u may have move sensitive material across foreign shores. If rock n roll and a stint as a D list t v star don't pay off, I'm perfect for the smuggling business.
A huge smile on my face startles the stewards into asking me if I'm O.K.
O.K. ?! I'm more than O.K.,
I haven't even touched the earth of Greece and I'm already glad I came
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