Monday, October 12, 2009

artie lange loves the show !


huge - literally, a huge fan of AT FULL VOLUME

wants to do an episode to prove he is actually not to fat to fish

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm just blown away at the reponce we have been getting from the show......the fact that all the comments are about authenticity and living with urgency - the like minded in spirit and self begin to orbit

Johnny Colt heads to Thailand in the premier of

Johnny Colt heads to Thailand in the premier of ‘At Full Volume’

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

article from bass player

It’s not every day that a bass player gets his own show on cable television. Then again, Johnny Colt is not your typical bass player. The self-described “adrenalin junkie,” who’s ruled the low end of such killer acts as the Black Crowes, Supernova, and Train, is now the host of a new show on the Travel Channel, “Johnny Colt: At Full Volume.”

In the show’s pilot episode aired earlier this week, Colt basically traverses the globe and acts like a badass. It was an action-packed hour that saw Johnny traveling through Thailand, free-climbing cliffs, boxing cobras, and getting his butt whooped in a muay thai match. Good times.

I was lucky enough to catch Johnny with the Crowes a few times back in the ’90s, making this new show that much more enjoyable. The dude is the real deal—a modern-day pirate raised on rock & roll. Don’t miss the rebroadcast of “Johnny Colt: At Full Volume” this Thursday (and again next Tuesday) at 11pm on the Travel Channel. In the meantime, check in with Johnny at his blog: Keep it coming, Johnny! —Brian Fox

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

the desk that drives the show..........
mise en place of one LYDIA

i sit in the goddess chair, the mama that keeps these boys under control on the visual playground
when u have this combination of beauty and talent backing you.....well all i can say is , im making room on the mantel for my emmy
rummaging through LYDIA'S desk as we speak
looking around, i see my name on top of a script. 2 inches to the left is a bourdain show outline for panama.
amoung the.....
sticky notes
tic tacs
location idea folders
books - graphs - 4 pair of scissors ?
piles of books and mountains of paper work
i feel in really good company
and looking down at the via spiga shoes i know im being taking care off

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kobra Boxing - hyper notes # 1

sweat pants and dress shoes - u know I'm over seas

coiled and ready to strike !!!!
the more i think about this scene, the more irresponsible i realise my camera man ( moe ) and myself were.

what ever it takes to get our freak on............ are the devils who will do it.